Ayurveda & Bhaskar Herbaceuticals

“BHASKAR means THE RISING SUN – which always brings new hope and energy to all life on earth.

Bhaskar has pioneered the use of modern science to rediscover and validate Ayurveda’s secrets in Nepal. A pioneer during our establishment, and currently Nepal’s leading Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer, Bhaskar uses the best herbs and the latest technology to produce pharmaceutical-grade Ayurvedic producs.

Bhaskar is the first herbal company in Nepal to be accredited with WHO – GMP (World Health Organisation – Good Manufacturing Practices).

Ethical Sourcing

Bhaskar procures its ingredients from the local farmers directly from the source. To ensure qualitative ingredient procurement, Bhaskar also invests in the skills and technological development of the farmers.

From Nepal, to the World:

Already exporting to more than 12 countries abroad, Bhaskar Herbaceuticals has been proudly showcasing the power and benefits of Nepal’s Ayurveda to the world. Within 2025, Bhaskar Herbaceuticals aims to have a global presence in at least 50 countries.