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“Ayurveda has been in practice since centuries, and will continue to be in practice for centuries.

One of the greatest things of Ayurveda is that their treatment always yields side benefits, not side effects.”

Ayurveda & Nepal

Nepal has been blessed with an abundance of natural herbs – its unique geography featuring the mountains, the hills, and the plains have been instrumental for its wide bio-diversity, therefore making accessible various kinds of special herbs.

The abundance of high-quality plants and herbs, which have proven effective since millenniums, and continue to gain worldwide acceptance, have proven Nepal’s Ayurvedic medicines some of the best in the world.

Also, identified as a deeply spiritual country, Nepalis have been practicing Ayurveda, the art of natural healing since ancient times, and continue to do so till date. It is considered to be a part of the country’s cultural and scientific heritage.